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Mirage Oasis

Stretched-out and spacious, performance-oriented and powered by the elegant, easy-to-use MirageDrive + Kick-Up Fins.

Price: from $6,790


An Oasis for two... with style, comfort and speed built in!


The Mirage Oasis is a spacious tandem kayak featuring a high- performance hull, fully loaded cockpit with highly-adjustable Vantage CT seating, four convenient hatches, and generous easy- access storage compartments.


Dual MirageDrive 180s with new Kick-Up Fins and ARC Cranks power the Oasis to impressive speeds in forward and reverse.


The Twist and Stow Rudder and dual steering capabilities provide enhanced tracking and manoeuvrability.

Hobie Mirage Oasis - Kayak fishing for t


Hobie Mirage Oasis - pedal kyak for two.

Colors: Papaya Orange, Slate Blue, Seagrass Green, Red Hibiscus

Crew: 1-2

Drive: 2x MirageDrive 180 with Kick-up Fin Technology + ARC Cranks


Length: 14'6" / 4.42m


Width: 33" / .84m

Capacity: 550lbs / 249kg

Vantage CT Seat Capacity: 275lbs / 124.74kg

Fitted Hull Weight: 93lbs / 42kg

Fully Rigged Weight: 127lbs / 58kg

Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene

Height from floor to middle of the kayak: 13"/ 33.02cm 

Height from floor to tallest point on the kayak: 16.75"/ 42.54cm

Standard Features:

  • Molded Carrying Handle

  • Large Bow Hatch

  • 2 x MirageDrive 180 With ST Fins

  • Rudder Up/Down Control

  • 3 x 8" Twist And Seal Hatch

  • Mesh Stowage Pocket

  • Cup Holder

  • Vantage CT Seating

  • Sail Mount

  • Mid-boat Carrying Handle

  • Rear Cargo Area

  • Large Twist And Stow Rudder

  • Dual Steering

  • Twist And Stow Rudder

  • Two-piece Paddles With On-hull Storage

  • Four Mesh-covered Stowage Pockets

  • Two Molded-in Rod Holders

  • Padeye Xl

  • Kick-up Fin Technology


Additional Options:

  • Sail Kit

  • Bimini

  • H-crate JR

  • Cart

  • Vantage Seat Bag

  • Hobie Evolve Electric Motor Kit

  • Sailing Rudder Blade

Are you ready to get out where the fish are...

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