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Mirage Outback

The Mirage Outback is the world's No.1 selling fishing kayak, built and fully loaded for every conceivable fishing expedition!

Whether you’re stalking bass in your favorite freshwater fishing hole or prowling the ocean for monster gamefish, the Mirage Outback is ready, willing and able to please even the most discerning Angler.

Price: from $5,490 or $5,690 for Camo


The Mirage Outback redefines kayak excellence


The Mirage Outback is a feature-rich platform designed for comfort, speed, stability and extreme versatility. The sleek hull design is ultra-quiet and stable, providing a faster, smoother ride in any water condition.

The patented MirageDrive 180 with all new Kick-Up Turbo Fins + Arc Cranks powers the Outback to unrivaled speeds and provides pro-level performance in both forward and reverse.


The 34" deck is perfect for standing and features the new, spacious Vantage CTW Seat, which is an extra 1-1/2 inches wide for unmatched comfort.


Multiple high-capacity storage compartments, cargo hatches, and mesh pockets provide more stowage room than you have gear for. And the H-Track Deluxe boasts a new retracting Bungee® system complete with 4 deck-side storage pockets, so your gear is always secure and within reach.



Colors: Papaya Orange, Ivory Dune, Camo, Slate Blue, Red Hibiscus, Seagrass Green

Crew: 1

Drive: MD 180 Turbo W/ Kick-up Fins + Arc Cranks


Length: 12' 9" / 3.89m


Width: 34" / .86m

Capacity: 425lbs / 192.78kg

Vantage Seat Capacity: 275lbs / 124.74kg

Fitted Hull Weight: 85lbs / 38.56kg

Fully Rigged Weight: 103lbs / 46.72kg

Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene

Height from floor to middle of the kayak: 12.5"/ 31.75cm 

Height from floor to tallest point on the kayak: 12.5"/ 31.75cm

Standard Features:

  • Reflective Bow Graphics

  • Large Bow Hatch

  • Forward Accessory Mount

  • Miragedrive 180 With Kick-up Turbo Fins

  • Hobie H-rail With Integrated Patented Ram® Hand-track™

  • Rudder Up/Down Control

  • Eva Deck Pads

  • Vertical Rectangular Hatch

  • Mid-boat Carrying Handle

  • Dual Rudder Control

  • Vantage CTW Seating

  • Large Rear Cargo Area

  • 4 Molded-in Rod Holders

  • H-track Deluxe W/ Bungee Tackle Retainer

  • Cart Keeper

  • Underhull Kick-up Rudder

  • Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield

  • H-track Deluxe With H-rail

  • Power-pole Ready

  • Large Rear Handle

  • Notched Miragedrive Well

  • Utility Trays

  • Two-piece Paddle With On-hull Storage

  • Kick-up Fin Technology


Additional Options:

  • H-bar

  • Livewell

  • Bimini

  • H-crate

  • Cart

  • Eva Deck Pad

  • Fish Bag

  • Power-pole Micro

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