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Mirage Pro Angler 14 with 360 Drive Technology

This is the 'ultimate' fishing machine for the serious kayak angler which delivers not only the awesome features of the Pro Angler 14, but the unprecedented power, stealth, manoeuvrability and control in every direction via the revolutionary MegaDrive 360 with kick-up turbo fins.

Price: from $8,190


This really is the Ultimate Fishing Machine!


The Pro Angler 14 360 Series delivers total control, power, stability, performance, stealth, comfort in a wide, feature rich, rock-solid standing platform that comes decked out with noise reducing EVA traction pads.


The Mirage 360 drive technology and kick-Up fins which automatically retract upon impact, means that you can go wherever you want to go... limitless exploration potential!


Ultra-comfortable, adjustable Vantage ST seat, dual steering, Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield and an extra-wide beam allows for long days on the water.


Mount your rod holders and electronics on the 12-sided Hobie H-Rail bars.


Pro Angler 14.PNG

Colors: Artic Blue & Amazon Green Camo

Crew: 1

Drive: MD 360 Turbo W/ Kick-up Fin Technology


Length: 13' 8" / 4.17m


Width: 38" / .97m

Height: 20" / 0.51m

Capacity: 600lbs / 272kg

Vantage Seat Capacity: 350lbs / 159kg

Fitted Hull Weight: 124.5 lbs / 56.5kg

Fully Rigged Weight: 148.5lbs / 67.4kg

Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene

Height from floor to middle of the kayak: 17" (to bar) / 43.28cm (to bar)

Height from floor to tallest point on the kayak: 20" (to handle) / 50.8cm (to handle)

Standard Features:

  • Large Carrying Handle

  • Front Hatch With Removable Liner

  • Forward Accessory Mount

  • Horizontal Rod Storage

  • MirageDrive 360 With Kick-up Turbo Fins

  • Grip Pads

  • Large Rectangular Hatch With Pivoting Tackle Management System

  • Rudder Control

  • Rubber Mesh Stowage Pocket

  • Vantage St Seating

  • Molded-in Vertical Rod Holder

  • Livewell Ready Rear Cargo Area

  • 8" Twist And Seal Hatch

  • Rudder Access

  • 2 H-Rail Horizontal Rod Racks

  • 1 H-rail Cup Holder

  • H-rail

  • Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield

  • Anchor Trolley System Ready

  • Rudder Left/Right Auxiliary Control

  • Mid-Boat Carrying Handle

  • Tracking Skeg

  • 2 Plano Tackle Boxes

  • 3-way Connector For Lowrance Ready, Thru-hull Wire Plugs (Backwards Compatible)

  • 260cm Paddle, T-handle Still Included

  • Padeye Xl

  • Kick-up Fin Technology


Additional Options:

  • H-bar

  • Livewell

  • Hobie Evolve Electric Motor Kit

  • H-crate

  • Cart

  • Eva Deck Pad Kit

  • Fish Bag

  • Power-pole Micro

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