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FREE Hobie Wheel Cart with Every Cartable Hobie Kayak Before Xmas

In the lead up to Christmas, we're giving away a matching Hobie Plug-in WheelCart with every Hobie Kayak purchased between now and December 24!

Valued at $180 for the Standard and $250 for the Heavy Duty, Hobie's wheelcarts are the ultimate (and generally the most useful) Hobie Kayak Accessory!

Note: Smaller, lighter kayaks will include the Standard cart, and heavier, bulkier kayaks will receive the 'Heavy Duty' option.

Click here to find out more about Hobie's Wheelcarts or just watch this short video.

Click here to see the full Hobie Fishing Kayak range or Hobie Recreational, Sailing and Inflatable Kayak range at Australian Bass Angler


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