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The Hobie® Compass seat risers are designed to attach to your seat and raise it 19mm to give you that extra bit of room to fit tackle trays, anchors or other tackle under the seat. The small amount of lift keeps the kayak super stable and able to perform the best.


These seat risers are designed to lift the seat frame another 19mm (3/4 Inch) so you can fit tackle boxes underneath the seat. We kept this a minimal to keep the kayak stability and also CNC machined these from solid plastic with the same profile as the base of the seat. Each set comes with 4 risers and the fasteners to attach them to the seat.

Designed to fit Hobie® Compass and Hobie® Compass Duo kayaks

Compass Seat Risers (Suits Hobie®)

SKU: BP2621
  • WEIGHT .22 kg
    DIMENSIONS 90 × 45 × 55 mm

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