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Our new PWM comes with a forward/reverse switch to make getting in and out of tight spaces a whole heap easier, voltmeter so you can keep an eye on your battery levels and waterproof connections instead of anderson plugs. It also features our standard magnetic kill switch and throttle control on a dial. 

Increased runtimes can be achieved with a PWM as it pulses the exact amount of power needed to achieve the required speed whereas the standard throttle on the motor controls speed by passing the power through resistors which burns off the excess energy and thereby decreasing the amount of power going to the motor. There is no difference in efficiency at full throttle running with or without PWM but the lower the throttle, the greater the difference the PWM makes to increasing your runtime. The other bonus of course is having proportional throttle control which allows for precise adjustments to speed which is handy in situations such as when trolling lures. The PWM box is weather and splashproof only. Do not submerge!

Dimensions: 175x125x75mm
Max Amp rating: 50A


SKU: 10334

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