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Hobie's new Multi-Lube incorporates a mineral oil base and bio-synthetic components that is environmentally friendly for marine applications. Hobie Multi-Lube offers excellent lubrication, provides an anti corrosive coating that can be used on nearly anything that squeaks, rusts, corrodes or binds up. Ideal for MirageDrive chains, cables and drums.


Hobie Multi-Lube does not include toxic substances like other penetrating oils and lubricants that can introduce hazardous materials into the water. It is a Bio-synthetic product specially formulated to lubricate, penetrate rusted parts, and clean rust and corrosion from surfaces. Once the rust and corrosion are removed Hobie Multi-Lube protects surfaces from further rust and corrosion. The synthetic components provide extreme protection and lubrication while the bio-components form an ionic bond that attracts the lubricant to the surfaces. Together the components complement each other to provide lubrication and protection second to none. The penetrating qualities come from the low viscosity formulation coupled with the bonding nature of the bio-component to overcome surface tension – it literally finds its way inside the moving parts. Multi-Lube combines the penetrating capability with the extreme duty, protection and performance.


The 1 oz (30ml) size is perfect for getting the lubricant into tight spaces by using the needle applicator. The 4 oz (120ml) size has a spray applicator for coating chains and larger surfaces, shafts and bulky parts.

        Hobie Multi-Lube

        SKU: Hobie-Multi-Lube
        • Part# 5120 1oz, 30ml

          Part# 5121 4oz, 120ml

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