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Replacement fin masts for Hobie Miragedrives, sold individually Note: these masts are the standard length. See below for turbo fin masts

MirageDrive Fin Masts

SKU: MirageDrive-Fin-Masts
  • Earlier model V1, V2 and GT Sprockets:

    • Standard V1 Part# 81160001 - secured with set screw (not supplied), 
    • Standard V2 Part# 81163001 - threaded masts compatible with V2 and Glide Tech Sprockets

    MirageDrive 180 Sprockets:

    • MD180 V1 Part# 81490001 - MD180 Standard mast V1 (no length adjustment screw - will work on any MD180 version)
    • MD180 V2 Part# 81528002 - MD180 Standard mast V2 (with length adjustment screw - will work on any MD180 version)

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