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Note: This item has been discontinued.


The Tandem Island spinnaker kit includes a snuffer launching and retrieving bag which makes for simple handling. Pull on the halyard line to launch, set the sheet and away you go! To lower the spinnaker ease off the halyard and pull on the retrieval line. The spinnaker drops and stows directly into the snuffer system. The kit includes a mast head wind direction vane for use while rigged for the spinnaker. Please Note: Spinnakers can be challenging to rig / sail and may not be for the novice sailor. Users are advised to rig, test on land then learn to sail the spinnaker in light winds before getting too adventurous in stronger winds and rougher conditions.

Tandem Island Spinnaker Kit

SKU: 72020351
  • Part# 72020351 - SPINNAKER KIT TANDEM ISLAND - 6.78 m2 / 73 sq ft

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