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Hobie kayak Twist & Seal hatches are used on various Hobie kayak models. This newest 8" version was introduced onto most 2019 Models and is replacing the earlier styles going forward. This can be used to replace old style 8" hatches. This version is lighter, has a better seal and incorporates a bottle opener on the underside of the lid.  

The lid is hinged so you'll never lose it over the side and because they aren't a threaded style hatch, never seize up inconveniently. Designed with a cork-screw-like mechanism for closure, a simple twist of the handle opens or closes the hatch. 


  • Includes foam gasket, backing plate and stainless fitting hardware

Twist & Seal Hatch 8" Kits

SKU: 71702001
  • 8" Hatch Kit New Style - Part# 71702001

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